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Many of you already know Richard Ramsy if you have fished the White River.  Dry Run Creek is open to kids under the age of 16 and no fishing license under that age is required.  The big attraction of Dry Run Creek is the quantity and quality of the trout in that stream.  It is easily accessible and fishable from the bank or by wading.  This is a unique place to introduce fly fishing to the youngsters and shows the benefits of catch and release.  Wishes & Fishes has teamed up with Richard who is uniquely qualified to guide and instruct young folks.  Success is just about guaranteed on this stream.  A good age to get started is 10 and the cutoff age is 16 so ages 10 to 15 are welcome.   All is equipment furnished.  Mom and Dad be sure to bring the camera along .

Contact Richard at 870-453-7226 or call the shop 870-445-3848

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  1. Jackie Patterson says:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to give our kids, Jack Wallace and Dalton Barnes a quick fishing lesson this last Monday. They had a great time.. and I hope you got some good pics…

    Thanks again.

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