Minimum Flow~Fall Fishing~Fly Tying

The leaves are changing and we are getting some of the best color I’ve seen in several years.  The fish are also changing colors and are starting to sport the colors of the spawn.

24″ Bow Released Unharmed

This fish above was hooked on a pink San Juan Worm tied on our new 839 Streamer hooks Size #14 heavy wire (now available on our web shop $10 for 50 count).  This past month a steady one unit of water has been running very consistently and with few breaks looks as though it will continue to do so.  Perhaps the weekends will bring some minimum flow as did one day this week.  

The past two days rainfall has caused some runoff.  I will be on the water the next two days and of course I will start with a SJ Worm below the creeks in the faster water.


839 Streamer Hook Heavy Wire 50 Ct box $10.00

The unreal egg is another fly I will be using in the faster water this weekend.  In areas such as Cane Island or Blue Hole an egg attractor (apricot yarn) with an orange tungsten bead tied on a Jig Hook HSCJ516 #12 hook and either a ruby or glitter midge below that.

Check out our web shop as we have added lots of new products such at Deer Hair, Veevus Body Quill and of course our new Barbless Hooks, Chemically sharpened with wider gapes black nickel.  And you get 50 hooks for only $10.00  Give them a try!  If you don’t like them return them and I’ll give you your money back on any unused ones.

If you are familiar with the firehouse hooks these are the same ones.

HSC316 Very Similar to the 2488 50 count box only $10.00

August Fishing Report With a Look Forward.

If you had been prepared for the sulphur hatch that lasted into August then you did well catching. The sulphur hatch was a pretty decent one this year and didn’t get washed away with big flows which actually made the dry fly fishing pretty good on both rivers. If you didn’t fish on top much and had a good version of a PT then you did very well. All along both of our rivers this sulphur hatch provided some great fishing. Thus far 2018 has been a great year for the fly fisher starting with a shad kill and a caddis hatch that began on time and lasted well into the summer followed by the sulphur hatch. Our fish looked great and grew rapidly.
Now that we are approaching the fall midges will continue to work along with egg patterns, san juan worms and perhaps hoppers. So far the hopper action has not been stellar as in years past. Some weak generation usually helps so the afternoon action will be better. I like to fish two hoppers which can be difficult to cast. However it can be done and can be very productive in that it can help in figuring out what color works the best. I will put the bigger and heavier hopper on the very end with the smaller one above it. When casting this stop your back cast just a bit past the noon mark. On the forward cast use a delayed turnover by breaking your wrist on the forward cast at the last minute. It takes a bit of practice but works very well. This same technique is used to “CRASH” a hopper onto the surface of the water if using only one hopper. Give it a try and you will get good at it.
A note to tiers: We are now carrying a line of hooks that are all barbless and have a bigger gape with a black nickel coating and come in 50 count boxes for only $10.00 If you are familiar with the fire hole outdoors hooks and use those then you will like these as they are from the same manufacturer. I have branded them as Hogskin Creek Premium hooks. Drop by and take a look or call the shop 870-445-3848 and oder yours today.  Shipping on all orders no matter how big or small only $3.75