One Heck Of A Caddis Hatch. Next Up Sulphur Hatch.

It showed up on time.  Yep! Caddis.  What a phenomenal hatch this has been.  This hatch has been producing lots of brown trout along with some big numbers of rainbow trout.  This hatch has offered the opportunity for both dry fly fishing as well as nymph fishing.  But I must say the nymph fishing is a ton better than the dry fly catching.  I’ve watched this hatch grow over the past 23 years of working this river.  When I started guiding in 1995 there was not much of a caddis from the dam down to White Hole.  Especially so with the sulphur hatch but 24 years later both of these hatches occur all along the river.  

Usually starting downstream these hatches work their way upstream and our trout really key in on them.  The caddis hatch in particular can get so heavy that the fisherman must must find another area where the hatch is not so heavy so that he can continue to catch fish.  The best part of this hatch is that lots of different types of caddis flies will work under the surface.  Fishing two tungsten bead flies on no or weak generation is very productive.  The top fly with a 3/32 tungsten bead size 14 with another below it size 16 with a 5/64 bead is the way most fish this hatch from a boat.  Swinging various flies while wading can also be very productive.  I have had several report of wade fisherman doing very well with soft hackles weighted and unweighted.  Generally a type of green body made with either wire or wire and dubbing.  Some with a tungsten bead and some without a tungsten bead depending on the depth one is fishing.  

As of this writing the caddis hatch is still going on but will soon begin to wane and give way to the sulphur hatch.  PT’s and drys can be pretty good during this hatch so be ready for it when it starts.  Usually towards the end of may and into June we should start seeing this bug.  Hopefully the water will cooperate for this hatch as it generally has done during the caddis hatch.

Call 870-404-8906 to book fishing.  June is shaping up to be a good month.

Good catching

Jimmy T.

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A Few Shad Coming Through:

A few shad have been coming through the past few weeks.  This has been an early morning event sometimes lasting only a couple of hours before the water has been shut off.  A few times the shad came through floating on the surface which of course is the most fun of all during a shad kill.  Hooking up with a nice size fish on the top of the water is always an adrenaline rush for the fly fisher much like the terrestrial or hopper action of the summer. 

David F of Lakeview Arkansas

This has been an unusual shad kill in that normally the water temps on the lake generally hit the 41f temp for the shad to come through. But that did not happen this year.  My guess is the shad balled up pretty close to the intakes and came through.  I am happy they did for both the fish and the fisherman.  A shad kill makes for some exciting action on both the surface and throughout the water column.  

A couple of flies that has been  successful for me the past few years during a shad kill  are the Mink fly and one tied on a #8 jig hook with a slotted white or pearl white bead.  Dress it up pretty much any way you like.  They are both versatile and can be split shotted to make them sink faster or slower.  The mink fly is very simple to tie and can be fished on the surface or split shotted and fished on the bottom.  Strip it to get it a bit wet and it will sink very slowly.  Keep an eye on it and a fit will often take it a couple of feet underneath the surface.

I don’t  know how much longer this will last and I would’t call it an outstanding shad kill by any measure but some is better than none.  The action was short lasting only a few hours and when the water was shut off or dropped the catching was pretty much over most days.  

Good Fishing

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