PT’s Flows, Norfork and Dry Run Creek.

As the lake level approaches the normal pool elevation on Bull Shoals for July the anticipation of some minimum flow and wadeable water is close at hand.
The Norfork River has already began some minimum flow and the caddis hatch is still going on over there as is the sulphur hatch. Reports of some good fish are coning into the shop.

The sulphur hatch has started on the White River. I’ve not seen much in the way of surface takes but with lower flows and over time this should be one heck of a fun way to fish. Pheasant Tails (PT,s) have been working for me with an attractor above the PT and I am sure that two of these flies will begin to work as the hatch picks up steam. Annual cicadas have also made an appearance as have the hoppers. Dragonflies are zooming around as well and the girdle bug is also taking some good fish under an indicator.
Dryrun creek has fish moving back into it after a bunch of water was shout off for the work at the hatchery. The water is now back on and the fish have stared moving back into the creek for cooler water. Lead by rainbows and cutthroats the brown trout will soon follow.



One Heck of a Caddis Hatch~Like I’ve Never Seen Before

      What an incredible spring 20 18 has been.  (well not so much the weather as we went from cold to hot) but the  bug hatch for sure.  This hatch began around the middle of March just in time for the Sow Bug Round up and went well into May.  No one has ever remembered a caddis hatch like this one. In my 23 years on this river I’ve seen some heavy hatches but never one that has lasted this long.  Every time I heard a gear guide say how he would wish this hatch would end I could’t help but get one big grin on my face.

If you got the chance to fish this hatch you will of course know exactly what I am talking about.  The catching was outstanding and some mighty big fish were hooked, lost and landed.  Lots of stories and memories were created this spring.  (but lets don’t talk about the weather).

So June has finally arrived and the first sulphur have been spotted and reports of some dry fly action have already come into the shop.  That of course was when the water was lower.  I; like you am also hoping for some lower flows.  It has been a while since we have seen a really good sulphur hatch so get prepared just in case the opportunity arises.  One never knows when the water will be shut off abruptly due to unforeseen circumstances such as a truck and trailer rolling down a boat ramp.  (:)  

Tie up some dries and various version of PT’s.  If you don’t like to tie or don’t tie drop into the shop and we’ll get ‘ya fixed up.  I’d say in wadeable minimum flow 5 & 6 X tippet and on higher flows out of a boat 4X & 5X tippet would be in order.  Wish I could say a good dry and dropper would work but these sulphur are pretty small and won’t suspend much of a dropper.   

Good Fishing

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