Bull Shoals Lake At 657~Dropping Rapidly

Bull Shoals Lake continues to drop at the rapid rate of just under a 1/2 of a foot over a 24 hour period.  At this rate the normal pool elevation of 654 could be hit but I wouldn’t count on it.   Over night we did get .03″ of rain which is really nothing but does soak into the ground so that when we do get more rain it helps it to run off into the lake.  I’m figuring we’ll see 654 MSN barring any heavy rainfall.  The slimy moss we are seeing in the river will clear up soon and this is not the first time this has happened.  This moss is also in the lake and lake fisherman are also complaining about it as well.  I figure much of this moss is also coming through the dam as well as getting pulled off the bottom of the river.


Generation Schedule:  For today generation is scheduled to begin with 100 MW or 7,000 CFS and increase to 200 MW or roughly 14,000 CFS and by 5:00 pm increase to 17,500 CFS until midnight when it is scheduled to drop back to 100 MW.  The schedule for the weekend through Monday will be released friday afternoon.   It is at this time of the year and at this lake level when it can get difficult to predict what generation will actually do.  If you are a fisher who pays regular attention to the charts and schedules you already know how frustrating and difficult it is to try and guess when some no generation might occur.  The Norfork river is seeing some low water at times and that lake is about three feet above normal pool.


Weather:  Looks like some the rain that was forecast for this weekend and especially into next week have been pulled out of the forecast.  Rain showers and thunderstorms are predicted for both today and tomorrow with highs today in the upper 70’s with a 50% chance of rain in the morning and 20% in the afternoon.  Fridays predictions are at 50% with highs in the upper 70’s and a bit heavier winds in the 10 to 15 mph range. Saturday brings a 50% chance of rain with highs in the mid 70’s.  Sunday looks to be a bit cooler with highs in the upper 60’s.


Fishing:    Midges continue to be the predominant producer on the upper end of the river with midge hatches being very prolific and heavy.  Thread midges fished on long leaders below your indicator up to a length of 14 feet with BB shot on higher water and #1 shot on lower generation in the morning is the way to go.

TIP:   Generally Memorial Day weekend is the peak of the midge hatches and at times are so thick and heavy wearing a dust mask seems like a good idea.  Wearing the fabric softener cloths used in dryers is a good way to help keep the midges (nats) away from your face.  Tuck it into your shirt like a scarf or use your cap to hold it in place on the back of your neck.  It’ll also protect you from the sun.  This past week I bought and tried the new “Neutrogena” SPF 100 spray on sun screen.  I really like it as it sprays on quickly without being oily and kept me from getting sunburn.  There is also an SPF 70 but what the heck.  It sells for just over $10.00 a container but if you spend a lot of time outside in the sun it’s cheap.

Good Fishing.

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4/21/10 6:21 am

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