Lower Flows: UPDATE

UPDATE:  4/26/10

The lake level is holding and in fact rose just a little from yesterday.  It has risen from 656.53 to 656.71 as of 1:00 pm this afternoon.  Generation is just under 2 units at 4750 CFS.

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This past weekend brought some thunderstorms as well as some lower flows on the White River in Arkansas.  The CFS for Sunday got down to as low as 3800 and as of this writing is currently at 3500 with a lake level of 656.53  Yesterdays rain totals by late afternoon were at 8 tenths of an inch at the Visitors Center at the dam and for the month total 2.4 inches.  This past rain so far has barely made the lake rise thus far.  However if lower flows continue the lake will go up some.  It did however make for some good fishing yesterday.  Midges at the dam are prolific to say the least.  This guide however fished with a pattern that looks like a river slick and was warmly welcomed by lots of fish.  The Dam area was crowded yesterday with lots of fly fishing guides and their fishers.  Midges also worked well as did a dry fly and a dropper later in the afternoon.  It’s so much fun to catch fish on the surface and since the one fly rule was lifted at the start of the year dropping a midge on this kind of water increases the catch rate.

Steve from Indy.

For the past two days I had the pleasure of fishing with Steve and his buddy Rob from Indy.  I fished with Steve last year on a group trip which grew by two more boats this year.  Friday was a bit tougher as the moss was frustrating to deal with.  For the first two hours it wasn’t bad but then the yo-yo effect began with the up and down and back up again fluctuation from the dam.  After lunch we ran upstream and found clean water.  The frustration levels disappeared and the catching began again.  Yesterday, Sunday we stayed in the clean water and kept the frustration out of the fishing and put the fun back into the catching.  Sunday was also a strange day for weather.  In the morning it looked as though the weather was going to really mess up our day with thunder storms headed our way.  But then a strange thing happened as the storm sped up and went away.  How nice that was.  Then another storm formed and hit us again but we outsmarted it (thanks to technology ) and ate lunch while it passed.  The sun came out and the catching began again.  Later on that afternoon the weather got strange again with a small thunder cell headed our way we banked the boat and hit the pavilion at the golf course and sat out a very short 15 minute storm that brought some heavy winds.  (thanks again to mobil technology )


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  1. Hi Jim,
    Nice to see I made your website! Next year I need to be holding a big trout! Thanks again for your good work last week.

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