New Colors of Beads~Wadeable Water

Natural Color Tungsten Beads
A new shipment of Tungsten Beads has arrived with two new exciting colors.  Natural colored tungsten beads as well as Green beads.  The Natural color tungsten beads are in all the sizes and a bit darker than the Nickel Black tungsten beads but the price is better at $10.00 for a hundred (100) pack or $2.75 for a 25 pack up to size 1/8  They run a bit more for the 5/32 at $12.00 a hundred pack and $15.00 a hundred pack for the 3/16  The green beads are at the regular price but we are carrying them up to the 1/8th size and do not have the two bigger sizes.  We also received some Greys reels in yesterday as well and now have the G-tec reels.  They are Sweet reels and good looking for sure.  I’ll take some pics and post them friday morning.
Green BeadsYesterday saw some wadeable water until 2:00 P.M. when generation started up.  Caddis on the upper end of the river continue to come off the surface and egg dropping also continues (ovipositing).  The schedule for today is much the same with a shut down scheduled until 2:00 pm.  Generation last evening was a bit heavier than previous nightly generation with a peak of 16,600 CFS.  I get the feeling the C.O.E. is saving up a couple of feet of water and is using the 656 or 657 Level as a defacto Normal Pool elevation number and are saving a couple of feet just for some fish water in case we get a little dry and they need it later on in the summer or early fall when the D.O. ( Dissolved Oxygen ) has a tendency to get low.  I could be wrong but this is the second time in as many months generation ceases when the lake gets to these levels.
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