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The lake level at Bull Shoals is dropping at about a third of a foot a day at this time and at this rate will take about 30 days to reach the normal pool elevation of 654 feet.  My guess would be that at 656 feet we’ll begin seeing some low and wadeable water like we did some weeks ago before the lake level rose.    Generation the past few days has been moderate from 6500 CFS in the early mornings to a peak of 16,750 in the late afternoons during peak power demand time.  I did receive the oxygen reports last week and Bull Shoals is in good shape at this time.  The readings were took near the dam and this is a summary of those readings.

At the surface the temp was 74.8 and O2 was 8.7 ppm (parts per million).  At 5 feet the temp was 73.2 and O2 was at 10.2 ppm.  At 50 feet the temp is 53.6 and the O2 is at 10.7 ppm.  At 100 feet the temps is at 48 and O2 at 11.70 ppm.  At 150 feet the temp is at 43.2 and the O2 is at 12.30 ppm.  At 180 feet the temp is at 42.2 and the O2 is at 11.4 ppm

Below is the Norfork Data as of June 3.  The Bull Shoals Data is May 26

Depth (ft) Temp (°C) Temp (°F) O² (ppm) Depth (ft) Temp (°C) Temp (°F) O² (ppm)

Surface 27.4 81.3 7.74 105 8.2 46.8 4.52

5 27.4 81.3 8.25 110 8.2 46.8 4.50

10 27.3 81.1 7.07 115 8.1 46.6 4.50

15 23.7 74.7 7.45 120 8.0 46.4 4.43

20 21.6 70.9 5.96 125 8.1 46.6 4.33

25 21.0 69.8 5.75 Bottom 8.1 46.6

30 19.1 66.4 4.83

35 18.5 65.3 4.55

40 17.4 63.3 3.77

45 16.7 62.1 3.50

50 15.0 59.0 3.86

55 13.7 56.7 4.00

60 12.0 53.6 4.01

65 10.9 51.6 4.19

70 10.4 50.7 4.58

75 9.8 49.6 4.75

80 9.4 48.9 4.80

85 8.9 48.0 4.42

90 8.6 47.5 4.43

95 8.4 47.1 4.45

100 8.3 46.9 4.49

As you can see the O2 levels on the Norfork Lake are not looking as good as those on Bull Shoals Lake.

Gary from Nashville

On monday I fished with Mark and Gary from Nasville Tn.  We started out pretty good at Cane Island with a bunch of small fish and then went up to the dam for some of the better fish that we’ve been catching up that way and on our first drift Mark hooked and landed a good bow of 16 inches and then someone flipped a switch and the fishing got tougher.  An hour later the switch was flipped again and we got into some hot and heavy action with multiple doubles and some good fish.  A storm was headed our way with thunder clanging in the distance and some strange cloud formations none of us had ever seen but the fish seemed to be turned on by this approaching front we continued for a bit longer but kept our eye on the radar screen.  Here are some pics of the cloud formations.  In the paper the next day an article on the front page referred to these formations as “Scud” formations formed when a storm begin to dissipate.

Fly Shop News:

Yesterday Wishes & Fishes fly shop began carrying Chota wading boots and waders.  We are also beefing up for the hopper action with a few different types of hoppers and other terrestrials so stop by and get yours today.

Good fishing.

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