Fishing Report~This Weekends Schedule

Parachute Hopper

This weekends generation schedule is up on the SWPA website except for Saturday which I got over the phone.  the phone says Sunday is unavailable but it is up for the 26th as well as the 27th.  I hop tomorrows is correct but one never knows with the Corps of Engineers (COE).  The government never lies but the truth does change! 😉  So Saturday there is supposed to be one unit from Midnight till midnight and the water will be shut off all day Sunday the 26th and on Monday the 27th a half unit or 25 MW is scheduled to be on all day long.  Good wading can be had at the dam using the parachute hopper like the one you see above as well as various colors of chernobyl ants or foam ants with droppers.  A green midge as well as a red midge were working well the past few days.  On no generation days which we had one day earlier in the week #18 & 16 Sow bugs along with black thread type midges were producing.  In the State Park small pink San Juan worms with a small t-bead tied on a straight hook did the trick.  We had some of rain pass through early this morning (Friday)  which left us with a 1/3 of an inch of much needed rain.  The river remains clear after this rain and the daily temps will be a little lower with highs in  the upper 70’s on Saturday and lows in the mid 50’s.  On Sunday the highs will be around 70 with lows around 50 and on monday the highs should be in the lower 70’s with the lows around 50.  Fall is upon us.  The Norfork generation schedule for saturday is for one unit from 5 till 6 and 0 units from 6 am till 3 with one unit from 3 till 4.  Sunday will see one unit from 5 till 6 with no generation from that time until 5 for another hour.  Monday will see one unit from 5 till 6 am with no generation until 3 pm.  Check out the Fly Shop page by clicking on the tab at the top of the page.

Good fishing.

Jimmy T.

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  1. Hey Jim, I’m seeing most of the guides I follow from the Bull Shoals area all making reference to droppers. I believe I understand that this is a way of fishing a dry fly with a wet fly underneath. I have read that the dry is used as your indicator as well as being a dry fly. I have never fished this way. Do you think you could give me a few pointers as how as maybe some pairing of flies? Thanks for your input. Derwyn

    Derwyn hope you found the e-mail I sent you informative.
    Jimmy T.

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