Nice Fish: Conclave Week-UpDate 9/28

One unit on this morning 3500 CFS with some a spike later this afternoon for an hour.  Check out the fly shop page for the latest specials.

Yesterdays generation schedule was off a bit as water was to be shut down at midnight.  And since the government never lies (only the truth changes) generation continued through the night and was finally shut down at 9:30 A.M.  and it appeared as though the second in house unit was left on for a bit but when it was shut off the fish took very small flies well for a couple of hours.  Size 20’s such as JuJubee midges, WD 40’s & RS2’s on a long leader 12 to 14 feet with a #6 split shot.  We started out with a palsa indicator which spooked the fish and when we took off the indicators we began to hook and land fish.

Jarod with 20 " Rainbow

It was windy in the morning with some heavy gust but we were able to see lots of fish in the C&R area between those gust.  Generation began this morning with one unit at 3:00 am and 1800 CFS and has ramped up to 3360 CFS which is just about a full unit of water.  This is perfect water for terrestrial action such as hoppers, chernobyl ants and foam bivisibles with a dropper of course.  The C.O.E. has agreed to provide some shut off time this weekend for the conclave with a guarantee 😉 of no generation on the white till noon.  This is good as it will allow some fishing time at the Dam while the water from the previous days generation drops down stream.  Then when generation starts up the fisherman can then move down stream to the Wildcat, Cotter or Rimshoals area.  Depending on how much water is turned on you will have at least 3 hours of fishing time at wildcat, 6 hours at cotter and 8 hours at rim shoals.

Conclave Week begins this thursday.

Folks are already showing up early to get some fishing in and the weather has changed with a bit of rain Sunday morning and some much cooler temps with this mornings low now at 49 f.  but yours truly will continue to wear his flip flops.  Highs today will be in the mid 70’s with a NW wind 5 to 10 an lows tonight in the mid 40’s perfect for an outside fire.  Tuesday highs will be in the mid 70’s as well with continued NW winds at 5 to 10 with lows in the lower 50’s and warming up on Wednesday into the lower 80’s.

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Good fishing

Jimmy T.

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