Fridays Generation~Change of Seasons~Change of Flies

Looks like some ramp up for three hours in the morning with some lower one unit fluctuation during the day and another ramp up to 4 units for peak power demand after 5:00 P.M.  Looks like the weather will also hold out for a couple of more days as well.

The water was shut off last night at Bull Shoals Dam so wadeable water can be found lower down stream near Cotter and Rim Shoals.  Take some eggs with you if you go as these fish are starting to feed on them.  It’s that time of year when the season finally changes so it’s also time to change what you fish with as well.  Yes SJ worms and midges will still work as will buggers and other dangling type flies along with soft hackles.  I did see some caddis at Rim Yesterday and these bugs should work themselves upstream.  A cased type caddis is where some of them come from and I did see them at wildcat on Monday.  They were very dark green with a black rib to them.  A similar fly is what we caught them on on monday.  Yesterday on weak generation we fished the upper end until after lunch with eggs in orange.  Unreal eggs along with smaller #16 eggs did the trick for us.  After lunch when the water was shut down we moved down to Rim Shoals where the eggs worked very well on 2499 SP-BL barbless hooks.  Love those hooks.  For a barbless hook they hold fish well and can’t throw them quite as easily as regular barbless hooks.  Generation for today at Bull Shoals Dam will continue with weak 1 unit water until this evening when it should kick up just a bit for a short time.  The norfork will be wadeable after it is scheduled to shut down after 10:00 am in this morning.

Check out the fly shop page for updates on new products.  Coming soon Tungsten Cone heads in 4 sizes.  More later.

Good fishing

Jimmy T.

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