Dropping Water Brings Great Bite.


Last Wednesday Mike D from Heber Springs came to fish again.  Mike likes to fish.  He fishes pretty much every day he can when he is at home on the Little Red.  Mike and I started late in the morning ( to let it warm up a bit ) and the catching began right away.  The water dropped slowly for most of the rest of the morning and when it did the strikes came hot and heavy.  When the water was finally shut off at 11:00 am the water began to drop very rapidly and that is when Mike got into the brown trout.  Mike hooked and landed four brown trout in under an hour.  We ate lunch and then sight fished to some brown trout that did not want to eat but did manage to hook and land a few more rainbows.

The next morning I fished with Bob and his son in law Brock.  Both fisherman were good with fly rods.  The morning started out slow and when the water began to drop out once again the strikes picked up.  We ate lunch late due to such a good bite.  Bob hooked and landed this fish after lunch.

Once again just like clock work dropping water is causing these fish to take flies.  Normally our trout on this tailwater will not eat well on dropping water but this winter on the upper end is being good to us in this regard.

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Good Fishing

Jimmy T.

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