Catching is Outstanding: Weather Has Been Great

Jim and his son Michael came down from the St. Louis area on business and decided a bit of fishing on the White River was in order.  Oh wat a beautiful day they picked with clouds clearing, a lack of wind and sunshine to keep us warm.   Dropping water seems to be the key still to this great bite we have been having which is not usually how it works.  Generally when the water is shut off or drop fast the fish normally shut down as well but for the past month this has not been the case.

Jim's 18 inch brownIn fact the faster the water falls the better the bite seems to get but then after it begins to level out it gets tougher.  The fish get spooky and casting and drifts have to be pretty much perfect.  For more pics of Jim and Michael see the new 2011 picture gallery.  Outstanding job Michael and Jim.  Today the schedule is pretty much the same as it has been except according to the corps predicted generation schedule they will run some weak water throughout the day.

See you on the water

Jimmy T.

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