Sulphur Hatch at Bull Shoals Dam

Terry from the Houston area was RV’ing in the area with his grandson Garrett from the Tulsa area.  Terry wondered into the fly shop and we talked fishing for a few minutes.  We went out this morning and here are a few pics of this mornings fishing outing.


Garrett with a nice fish.
Garrett with a nice fish.

 14 year old Garrett with a really nice Bow.  It was his first time fly fishing and boy does he learn quick.


Garrett with a brown trout
Garrett with a brown trout

Garrett fought this fish like a pro.  Nice Brown trout Garrett.  It was the second one of the morning for him but we won’t talk about the first one.

Grandpa Terry learns pretty quickly as well.


Terry (grandpa) with a super bow.
Terry (grandpa) with a super bow.

We started the morning with midges and got some strikes right away.  A sulphur hatch started on our third drift so we changed over to an emerger with a 6 foot leader and some #4 split shot under an indicator.  Some pretty good consistent strikes until 11:00 am when it slowed down.

Watch this video click below.

First Time Fly Fishing


Jimmy T.


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I have 25 years experience guiding on the White River and have taught 100's of folks how to fly fish. I welcome newcomers. My casting instruction technique is simple, gentle, easy going and highly productive. All trips are catch and release only.

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