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North Central Arkansas has joined most of the rest of the country with the 6 inches of snow that started yesterday afternoon and continued overnight.  Thus far Bull Shoals and the upper end of the White River has dodged the ice & snow bullet.

Many thanks to those who sent e-mails and comments to this blog about our friend Charlie Bonner.  Yesterday was also a full year of no smoking for myself.  I’ve finally joined the no smokers after years of trying to stop.

Fishing:  Some low water wadeable water these past couple of weeks on the White and the Norfork has produced some great fish (see 2011 gallery ) as well as some fish on dry flies as we have been getting a BWO hatch in the afternoons.  It’s not lasting very long but it is fun when it happens.  Size 14’s will do the trick.  Look for mostly some faster water to fish this hatch in.  If this low water continues we will soon be seeing a caddis hatch which will generally start further down stream and move it’s way up stream so be prepared with the dry and subsurface versions of this fly.  They are all available at Wishes & Fishes Fly Shop in Bull Shoals.  Shad patterns are also working pretty well at this time as are eggs and streamers when the water is flowing at higher CFS rates of 15,000 cfs or more.  I can’t prove there have been shad coming through but if you are headed this way it would be worth trying them on higher flows.  Remember there is no such thing as a low water shad kill.

Good Fishing.

Jimmy T.

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