Great Midge & BWO Hatches

The weather has warmed up well and cabin fever is getting relieved with fishers getting out and hitting the water.  The midge hatches are incredible at the moment and the BWO hatch in the afternoon is fun if you can find a spot not so windy.  CDC Loop wing emergers, foam RS2, Richard Ramsy’s foam midge all in size 18’s or less are ripping fish off the surface.  When the dry action slows down split shot those same flies and fish them on the bottom for bigger and better fish.  The Feather-Craft Crackle back has also been working well on the surface.  I love this versatile fly as it can be fished on the surface and then stripped in like an emerger or even skated on the surface to draw strikes.  The smaller size is the best bet at this time and the color does not seem to matter at this time.

Thinking about a buddy, couple or customer trip?  Give us a shout and we’ll set it up for you. One price-no surprises at the end.  Fly Fish Arkansas has been putting together group trips for 15 years.  We make it easy by providing you with rods, reels, leader, tippet, flies, lunch, bottled water, soft drinks, and a fully outfitted boat including life vest.   Call the Fly Shop at 870-445-3848 or call me directly at 870-404-8906 with any questions.  We use guides with more White River guiding experience than any one else can even come close to providing.  Click on our group trip page for more details.

Fishing Package #1 for two people…. Two nights lodging on the river and a day of guided fishing.  $644.30 includes all applicable taxes.

Fishing Package #2  for four people Two nights lodging on the river and a full day of guided fishing.  $1016.10 and includes all applicable taxes.

Two bedroom house with covered porch and carport.  It’s very nice and the ladies love it.

Good Fishing

Jimmy T.

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  1. I guess u have to put up with that dead beat Son inlaw this weekend. Sounds like fishin is great I found the Ramsey stretch midge on the web but haven’t found the foam one u were talking about. Do u have a link for the Ramsey Foam midge Thanks for any help and have a good day. JBW

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