Weak Generation for Weekend

Chris from St. Louis

This very nice fish was caught friday on a long leader using a SJ Worm and Maxima 4X tippet.  This brown trout put up a good fight and Chris did everything perfect to get it in.  Outstanding Job!

Rob landed this fish earlier in the day.

Fishing started out a bit slow like it also did on Wednesday when I fished with Roger from Illinois but picked up after lunch.  The corps is back at yo yo’ing the water which was at 2 to 3 units during the day both days.  A good 2 to three feet drop and rise with the bite better on the drop.

Roger H. from Illinois

Looks like weak generation for both today and Sunday with more generation scheduled for Monday.

Just got these pics from Andy W. from PA who is down in LA. fishing the Gulf Coast with his son.  Some nice Speks.


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Good Fishing.

Jimmy T.

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