Annual Sow Bug Round Up~River Hatches

Sowbug Roundup 2011

A Celebration of Fly Fishing

March 17, 18, 19 2011

Redeemer Lutheran Church Family Life Center.  307  West North St. Mountain Home, Ar

Hours: 9 am till 4:00 Pm Thursday~Friday~Saturday

100 tyers along with many vendors.  The W&F Fly Shop will once again have a table at the show.  Stop by and introduce yourself and say hello.

Some odd generation this week with units churning around 6 am and stopping mid morning at 10 and today is  scheduled to stop at 9:00 am.  Skittish and spooky fish after the water drops out seems to be the case so far this week.  No reports of a caddis hatch as yet but this should start up pretty soon and it can be a lot of fun if it is not like some of the hatches we’ve seen in the past which I’ve described as a reverse snowfall.  It can be tough to catch fish when your dry fly is amongst the hundreds of thousands hatching.  Moving upstream however can keep you on the leading edge of the feeding frenzy.  Our next hatch (Sulphers) should start around the end of May and also works it’s way upstream ending at the dam.  Over the years this hatch has moved further upstream each year as even 10 years ago we used to rarely see this hatch above Cane Island.  The White River is maturing with each passing year as various native bugs continue to evolve and adjust and move into sections of the river they were void of after the dam was built and turned the warm water river into a cold water river.

Good Fishing

Jimmy T.

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