Fishing Report Weekend of April 15th

Richard From Houston

On Thursday Maddog and I hit the C&R area for a short fishing session on some low wadeable water and the weather was wonderful for sure with no wind and nice bright sunshine.  For me the JuJu Bee worked pretty well.  Mike drifted some soft hackles, Yongs specials and other small critters to midging fish in the midging pool and did pretty well.

Friday I took friends Richard and John from Texas fishing on Friday after the big storm hit that morning.  I figured the river would look like chocolate milk and it did which pretty much limited us to the short stretch up by the dam.  After some quick casting lessons both John and Richard began to get some strikes.  Then the wind kicked up and continued to increase throughout the day.  Both Richard and John then got a crash course in casting in the wind and using the wind to help get the fly to the fish.  I know it was tough for them to learn so much in such a short period of time but they were stellar students and picked it up very fast which paid off in quality fish.  John even had a 23 inch fish hit his fly on 3 separate occasions which was exciting for him.  After eating lunch we moved down stream to the State Park where the wind wasn’t quite as bad and landed some more fish there.  Richard is above with a nice bow he hooked and landed.  The next day I fished with the two Todds from Kansas City.  Fellow guide Ron Y took the Todds out on a half day the day before and they did well.  Saturday the river was still silty from the previous days rain so we began in the C&R area again with heavy winds to start with.  Once again the catching began pretty quickly.  Generation began and lasted for a half hour and the river was unfishable for an hour but when it dropped out we hit it again.  The fish bit well as the water dropped out.  After lunch we moved down into the state Park and the sun came out and the caddis began hatching between wind gust and then the numbers of fish caught really began to grow as one of the Todds got a hot hand and figured out the subtle takes of finicky trout.  Good job to all four fisherman.

Cicada flies will be in soon so drop by and get yours before they become hard to get.

Good Fisherman

Jimmy T.

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