Fishing Report: Last 4 days~Cicada Emergence Update

Derek McG. from St. Louis



Last Wednesday Derek his father Bruce and other brother Matt came down to fish the White River.  It had been a year since we fished together and the water was up a bit with the threat of flood gates opening.  Didn’t scare these guys and when we got word from the local newspaper that the gates might open up we all got a bit excited at the prospects of some big water moving some fish which is my favorite way to hook the big boys.  Give me a big surge of water any day of the week.  I love it.  Well it didn’t happen but we had an 80 fish day anyway and a ton of fun.  On Thursday Hank and Shirley from Tx came to town for their twice yearly visit to the Ozarks.  Each year this super couple come to stay for the month of May and the month of October to fish both the lake and the river.  This time around some friends from Texas came with them and Kevin Brantonies helped me out with this trip.  He got the guys and I had the gals.  Of course the gals always out fish the guys and this was no exception on this day.  It was the same on the lake as well.  Get used to it gents as it always works this way in our neck of the woods.  Call it luck or what ever you want.   Fishing is great with lots of numbers and the caddis are still hatching below the narrows.  Streamer fishing is good one day and sucks the next but what the hay?  We just switch to nymphing and pound out some numbers.

This from Bruce:

“On Wednesday, May 11, my sons, Derek & Matt, accompanied me on a fishing excursion with Jim again. There isn’t a harder working guide anywhere, and the day was terrific. I kept kidding Jim that I caught about 15 fish, but in reality, I boated about 25, and I came in 3rd place among the three of us. The importance of boat management is critical in high, fast water, and Jim is rated tops in our book. That may have something to do with why we return to fish with Jim. Thanks Again, Jim.”

Thank You Bruce.

Check out the Fly Shop page for the Cicada emergence update and for info and pictures of the flies we have in the shop.  The cicada life cycle after emergence is only 3 or 4 weeks so when these bugs began to die you better have some in your box.  By the way the periodical cicadas don’t make any noise after dark so if you hear any they are the annual or Tibecian cicadas.  They are also called the Dog Day cicadas which should appear later on in the summer.  We will have those in the shop as well as the fish will continue to key in on the surface action these bugs will be providing in the next few weeks.


Good fishing.

Jimmy T.

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