50,000 CFS of Fun or 16 Units of Water


Jimmy T. with 21 inch Brown Trout


Yep!  50,000 CFS or just under it.  Heck it was 55,000 a few days ago and the guides were on it catching fish and lots of them.  Big ones, little ones strange ones but mostly lots of them.  60-80-100 fish days on some big water and it’s a blast.  Incredible! fishing! Just like being on 8 units of water only your drifting a little faster. Fellow guide Ron Y and I hit the water today and within 25 feet of our first drift had a fish on.  Every guide out there was catching fish as well as a couple of private boats.  There was even a place to wade fish and actually catch fish standing in water  ankle deep. Pretty amazing info here isn’t it?  Probably not what you were expecting to hear?  But I’ve got to say these fish are on an eating binge.  In fact it was so good today that Ron and I had a double brown trout hook up with both of them 21 inches.  We had six landed and one that leaped and spit the hook with another couple that broke off and all in 3 hours.


Ron with Brown Trout


Ron is to the left with his fish (mine was bigger )  😉 and the other half of the double we caught this morning.   Nice Pheesh!  It’s not often that guides get to go out and fish together like this but we couldn’t let this big water pass us by without fishing it.  It’s a blast for sure. Twice the normal 8 units and twice the fun.  The water is more clear each day and today we fished down to the bottom of Rainbow hole.  By this weekend it should be clear past Hurst or even to the new Hwy 62 bridge.


Family Fun


As you can see from this photo to the left there are big smiles on these fishers faces and the little boy in this picture assured me that he was catching the most and the biggest fish in his boat.  He was posing with a brown trout as we passed by.  Thanks to David Capps for letting my snap this photo.

Drop by the shop as we have four different styles to cover both the “decula & cassini” cicadas.  For pictures check out the fly shop page and scroll down a bit to find them.  This little creature is getting louder and as the ground temp warms up they will begin to emerge.  I’ve been seeing emergence holes in the back of the shop again.  Cicadas are spotty in Bull Shoals but I am getting reports of thousands and hundreds of them south of here as well as reports that fish are taking them on the Norfork and Dry Run Creek.


A note about guide services on the White River.

In todays guiding climate on the White River it is no secret that many of the fly fishing guides on these rivers do not have significant guiding experience on this river.  My self and the independent guides that our fly shop use have put substantial time and resources into the passion of fishing.  From all the gear we use from the front bumper of our vehicles to the motor hanging off the aft end of our boats and the rods & reels we use is an investment in dollars as well as time and preparation spent on and off the water are for the benefit of you the fisherman.   Fish-Fun-Safety.

We use only professional highly skilled personable guides with the right mix of on the water & fishing experience able to handle any situation.  We are entrepreneurs who pay attention to details so that your time on the water is maximized. We are instructors and coaches. We might not be good writers or picture takers or be very good with computers but we have spent much time in preparation  to take you out on the water so that your fishing adventure is memorable, fun and safe.

Stay Fishy my friends

Jimmy T.

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