The Last 7 Days-Flies-Tungsten Beads

The past seven days have seen some pretty hot temps with a couple of days over the century mark and a few days that have been close to the 100 mark.  Last Thursday my Mike (mad dog) Davis from Heber Springs brought along buddy Barry from Memphis to go fishing for the day.  Mike as always is a bunch of fun and had just got back from Wisconsin and was commenting on how our humidity 75% was the temperature up there.  But hey we are in the south and the past few summers have been pretty mild so we were due for a hot one.  We are lucky though in that we have the clear cool 56? water of the White River which helps greatly in keeping one cool.

Mad Dog (Mike Davis) seen to the left here with one heck of a nice Bow.  Mike and Barry hooked and landed several really good fish last week.  Katie seen above with a really nice Cutt she caught while fishing with FFA guide Jeff.  Katie had never had a fly rod in her hands before.  Wes from Tulsa brought his sister Winnie and her husband Mark along with Ellie & Rob.  Only Wes and Mark had any long pole experience but fellow guides Ron and Jeff got them on fish pretty quickly.  I think we have some new converts to the fly fishing world with this crew.  Yes it is addictive isn’t it boys and girls?  Every one had so much fun they went again the next day.

Yesterday Julie and her son John walked into the shop and booked a trip for this morning wanting of course to beat the heat.  We got lucky because a front came through early this morning and really cooled down our temps.  For the first couple of hours a long sleeve shirt was really needed!  But we struggled through the cold 68? temp we had 😉 and caught some pretty good fish.  John had never had a long rod in his hand and Julie had a bit of experience.  Flesh flies and our new GFW fly did the trick this AM on some bigger water.

Water Flows:  Over this past weekend the generation has been shut off at midnight with generation starting around 10:00 am.  This morning generation began at 8:00 am.  I don’t know how long this pattern will continue but I sure liked riding a rise for the first two hours of the morning.

Tungsten Beads:  Click on the fly shop page for some exciting info.

Stay Fishy My Friends

Jimmy T.

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