Riding The Rise-River Report-White River Arkansas

The past few mornings generation has started at 8:00 am with three units and ramped up to 6 in short order and a full 8 units by noon.  OOoohhh! this hot weather sure makes for some good rises just like the old times when the water was shut off during the night and then ramped up in the mornings to create a sort of flash flood that stirs up food and turns on the fish.  It’s not the perfect 4 to 6 units that I really like but I’ll take the first three that I do get. After Besides the second three will catch up to the first three eventually.  After lunch we are running upstream to get out of the mossy water.  The fish you see above was caught by Michael B from Dallas on a rising 7 1/2 units of water on the GFW fly.  Outstanding job Michael.  You did everything perfectly while fighting that fish.

I don’t know how long this pattern will last.  This morning the water was turned on at 6:00 am which is still good to get on the rise by catching it around the Gastons area.

Note:  I don’t think it’s just me but does it seem like the water is coming up faster?  Seems to be.  The river in a few spots is a bit narrower in some places like The White Hole where the gravel has narrowed the river on low or no generation water.  The same thing at the state park where the shoal channels are narrower than they used to be.  In Cane Island the ledge chutes have filled with gravel.  At three chutes some gravel has piled up on the right side of the river and has caused a new drop off.  There are more changes as well but what I think (guess) is happening is that these changes are causing the water to move down the river a bit faster than is used to because of these constrictions.  I’m sure that over time some of this gravel will flatten out and some of the channels will score out with pushes of water generation as well as on low water periods which will cut out some of the gravel chutes.  Time will tell.

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Stay Fishy My Friends.

Jimmy T.

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  1. Given all the changes in the river, is it still possible to wade across to the main channel at The Narrows from the parking lot?

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