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The yellow buses are back on the road which is a sure fire way to tell summer is just about over and fall is on the way.  Another way to tell fall is on the way is by the change of colors in our brown trout as they are congregating in pods and getting ready for the instinctual reproductive cycle that will begin this fall and last through the winter.  It is also a time when the brown trout begin feeding to fatten up for this event by gorging on  hoppers, cicadas, sow bugs, scud and our ever present worms as the food of choice at this time.

Laura from Columbus, OH fished yesterday on a very uncrowded river from the dam down to Tucker Shoals and caught fish on all of the above flies using a long Maxima 3X leader and Fluorocarbon tippet about 10 1/2 feet long with two or three BB shot (Water Gremlin) removable shot and two flies.  We also had another rod with hoppers and cicadas (two flies here too) rigged up and had some success early in the day.  Laura hooked and landed two super nice healthy brown trout in three drifts below Partee hole after lunch.  Laura did an outstanding job of playing these fish which she released unharmed back into the river.

The Greys 4 wt eleven foot rod sure makes casting, mending and playing these big fish much easier and the extra 2 feet of length sure makes it easer getting them into the net as well.  Kudos to Laura on a fine job and thanks for the fun.  See you soon Laura.

October IS the busiest month of the year so call 870-404-8906 and book your fishing adventure today.  We have a few days left in the month of October.  November is Prime fishing time as is January.


We will soon have over 200,000 tungsten beads in stock along with 150,000 cyclops beads.  Our biggest order yet of Tungsten should will hit the door this week.

Redington waders will be in stock this October as well as Gamakatsu hooks.

New From Clear Cure Goo:  It’s not out yet but we’ll have these new products soon.

From the Clear Cure Goo Staff:
One of the materials we will be launching in 2012 is Clear Cure Goo Hydro- A TACK FREE product.
It is the perfect viscosity for a tack free product as it is very runny. Similar to a very thinned head cement or lacquer. Since it is so thin It can not be applied in large amounts making the curing time very fast. 3-5 seconds. This material can be used as a top coat to any standard CCG product, you can use it to build beautiful heads on  freshwater flies, coating poppers, protecting delicate thread flies and giving a lifelike translucency to any freshwater fly or simply build up in layers and use it as a stand alone product.
The other material we will be introducing is Clear Cure Goo Fleck- It will have a similar consistency to Clear Cure Goo Thick and will have Flecks of pearlescent  blue, green, silver and gold glitter.  Perfect to use as an accent piece to your Clear Cure Goo flies or as a stand alone material. Great for creating spoon flies, or giving your saltwater flies just enough glimmer to attract a fishes attention but not enough to make it look unnatural and scare it off.


The Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) will have its Southern Council Conclave and Fly Fishing Fair on Oct 6th, 7th & 8th, 2011. This Fly Fishing Show is the largest in Arkansas.

Held in Mountain Home at the Baxter County Fairgrounds the Fly Fishing Fair will have over 45 different fly fishing related programs covering fly fishing techniques, casting, destinations, and fly tying.  These programs will be offered from beginner to expert levels.  Come take advantage of our Program Presenters knowledge and shorten your fly fishing learning curve by years, in only 3 days. The well known fly fishing couple of Dave & Emily Whitlock will be present, along with guides and outfitters from western U.S. waters, Gulf coast saltwater, and local Arkansas waters. World class deer hair fly tyer Mike George will be offering a ‘hands on’ class.  Manufacturers will be on hand with all the latest gear.

We will also have activities for the non-fisher! Quilting, make a tote bag, gourd painting, flower arranging, jewelry making & more!  On Saturday at 11am – 1pm is the Outreach Luncheon that is always popular.

Some of the programs will be:

  • Spinning Deer Hair with Mike George, winner of seven 1st place finishes in the International Mustad Fly Tying competitions.
  • Aquatic Entomology with Art Mazzier- This guy is the Bug Man!
  • Drift Boat Basics with Ken Richards- learn how to do it, and go fishing too!
  • Rod Building – You get to keep the rod!
  • Florida Panhandle Tarpon with Captain Hugh “Unk” Smith
  • The Beginners Introductory Fly Casting Class – you get to keep the tying vise
  • Several intermediate to advanced casting classes
  • Women’s Introductory Fly Casting Class

The list goes on & on …..see everything at

Each year the FFF Southern Council contributes money and/or volunteers to fly fishing related causes such as conservation and restoration of both warmwater and coldwater fisheries, youth conservation education, and fly fishing related health charities like Casing for A Cure (women’s cancer), Project Healing Waters (wounded veterans), Reel Recovery (men’s cancer).  If you would like to support these efforts please come see what we’re about.

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