Generation Down-Fly Fishing at Any Age

Generation on Sept 27 this past Tuesday changed drastically from a pretty steady 16,000 CFS lake dropping (6 inches a day) to 2500 CFS in the mornings and slowly ramping up to just under 10,000 CFS.  This of course has greatly slowed down the lake dropping to 654 MSL or normal pool elevation which is hanging out around 655.5  Some wading right up by the dam is going on until the water hits 3 units.  Today is scheduled to begin with one unit and ramp up to 5 units.  We’ll see what the schedule for the weekend holds when it comes out later this afternoon.

Above.  83 year old Merle with her brown trout.  Second time with fly rod.


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  1. Jimmy, I am picking up Doug and grandson at the airport this morning and heading that way. We will be spending most of our time at Dry Run trying to brainwash the next generation but will drop by. Thanks for keeping us up on what’s going on up there.

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