Big Fish In Oklahoma-The Bead Pad

Looks like Oklahoma can produce some good fish as this photo sent to me by Jim S taken of his fishing buddy Jack W. at Pretty Waters Lake near Sapulpa OK proves.  They have been catching fish like this over there all week according to Jim.
Nice fish Jack!

The lake level at Bull Shoals is up to 654.22 and since our last big rain generation has pretty much happened every day with generation of 5 units yesterday for a short time.  The lake is on it’s way back down and perhaps next week we’ll see some wadeable water.  Trout at Rim Shoals have already spawned and it’s looking like a late spawn this year as well.  Back in 2008 (flood gate year) all the fish pretty much spawned in the month of December all along the river.  Perhaps that is what is going to happen this year as well.

Check out the Hareline Bead pad by clicking on this short video   #mce_temp_url#  The beads do not bounce off the pad but “stick” to it.  The other side is smooth and the best part is super glue won’t stick to it.  Two uses in one.


Good Fishing.


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