Merry Christmas-Let It Snow

The poem below was sent to me by Jim Babcock.  Hope you like it. This fish was caught earlier in the year in January which is a great time to fish the White River.  We call it the “Hard Core Month” because that’s when the Hardcore Fisherman hit the river.  It’s the month the “Guides” fish.  Book next years fishing adventure by calling 870-404-8906 today. Get the weekend you want.

Our first snow of the winter is here. Boy are we lucky. I’ve also put up some pictures of the River in Flood Stage with about 60,000 CFS coming through the dam.  They are tacked on the end of the 2011 Gallery.  At least I hope thats how it comes out.  There are  24 pictures there. All pictures copyright 2011

Twas the night before Christmas
and all along the White
nobody was fishing,
’cause it just wouldn’t be right.
The old waders were hung
by the fireplace with care,
and goodness knows
they could use some fresh
Ozark air.
I had asked the jolly fat man
for a gift card from Jimmy T ‘ s,
that would surely be sweeter
than eating carrots and peas.
And what fisherman
really wants another sweater
under all those Christmas trees ?
So mend your lines sprightly
with tippet…tinsel…and floss.
The water may be off tomorrow,
so saddle up hoss.
I’m searching for Christmas rainbows
and big New Year browns,
it’s Christmas by the river
in a little Arkansas town.

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