Water Temps Drop-Santa Fattens up Reindeer

Pictured to the left is Ted K from Dallas who brought some of his buddies (customers) with him to fish the White River a week or so ago and I forgot to put this picture up.  Ted and four of his buddies fished for two days to see who could catch the most fish.  The competition was hot and so was the catching.

Just got in my water temperature report for Bull Shoals Lake and as you can see it’s much cooler than a month ago and is cooling down at the lower depths.  With todays rain and the cooler temps we are in for this week I would think it will continue to drop at the surface.  The D.O. is also looking good for both rivers with readings well above the 8.0 and rising.  As of last week on the 7th the D.O. for Bull Shoals was at 9.6 and on the Norfork it was at 9.1 with generation.  Since midnight we have had a 1/4 of an inch of rain and as of 11:00 am the lake level is back down to 654 MSL due to some pretty heavy generation this past week.  A bit more rain is in the forecast for the rest of the week but it does look like some weak rains may be headed our way.

As you know Christmas is on the way and Santa is fattening up his transportation as he has much fishing gear to distribute to the youngsters this year.  So drop by Wishes & Fishes Fly shop and pick up your favorite youngster (or otherwise) a little something to let them know you are thinking about them.

Took a trip to Texas this past week to spend some time with a buddy on his farm in Tx and drove through south east Oklahoma where there are actually mountains and some really pretty countryside.  This is the second time I’ve driven this route hwy 271 from Poteau to Antlers.  If you are coming this way and are tired of driving interstate and looking at flat land try this route as it’s fun.


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Good Fishing My Friends.

Jimmy T.

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