Big Water

Three Brothers are spending Christmas week in the Ozarks.  We spent Tuesday fishing is some pretty heavy wind and some off color water but boy was the fishing good.  Ten brown trout for the day with the biggest one seen here at 28 inches about 8 lbs (spawned out female).  John had the biggest fish of the day and Randal had the most brown trout (8).   The following day Wednesday was tougher with no wind and much clearer water (go figure) with only one brown trout at 20 inches.  Good job John and Conner (Alice).  Book your spring trip now by calling 870-404-8906.  April is already about filled up and all four of those weekends are already taken.  February is starting to book up and March is always a great month to fish.  Aprils’ weekends (all 4) are already taken.

Good Fishing

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