Monday august 31

LATE UPDATE: generation ending at midnight and starting up at 3:00 pm on the 9/1/09 tomorrow Tuesday according to the generation schedule. Will be on the water in the morning. Tune in for live updates.

Good morning from Bull Shoals where it is 52 f and is supposed to warm up to a scorching 70 something. It,s the last day of august and the air temp is cooler than the river water temps. I,m liking it. The dam has releases water all night with a spike of 6,500 cfs during the night and now is at 4200 cfs or one full unit. Yes iknow the phone says two units and there are two on. Very good drifting water for a hopper and a dropper. Reports from fisherman coming into the shop yesterday were that the fishing was a bit slower than the previous two days and that the fish bit better as the river level fluctuated down. Once again ants such as the bi-visible and hoppers were the ticket for the Wade fisher at the dam.

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