White River Continues To Produce. 36.7 lb Brown Trout

A fellow guide Jeff Moore of http://arkansastroutguide.com had a fisherman hook and land this brown trout this morning at 9:00 am on spinning rods that weighed 36.7 lbs on the upper end of the White River.

On Thursday I fished with a couple for a half day using terrestrials such as ants and cicadas.  Amy and Greg seen in this photo below had a great time hooking and landing some pretty nice bows.

Amy had never used a fly rod before but as usual the gals seem to be better at setting the hook on fish so she did out fish Greg for the morning.

Flows continue to be weak in the mornings and amping up as the heat of the day increases.  Hoppers are everywhere and the cicadas are loud during the day and at night.  Our daytime temps are hitting 100 to 103 between 3 and 5 in the afternoon and as the sun gets higher in the sky the catching slows down.  Generation seems to be nil on the weekends thus far but who knows how long this 2 week pattern will last.  We did get a bit of rain the other night ( 1/2 inch) which we needed.


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Good Fishing.

Jimmy T.

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