Fishing Report: Merry Christmas

With the colder temps this week generation is amping up early with up to 4 units of water and dropping as the morning warms up down to a unit.  The lake level is down to 646.38 which is almost 8 feet below normal pool elevation.  We could use some rain to bring this level back up for the spring. Fisherman coming into the shop have indicated to me that Planaria #18 on higher water dropped below a red midge  have been producing pretty well on the upper end of the river under indicators.  Fellow guides who have been on the river are also using various types of eggs as well.  Perhaps we will see some wadeable water like last week with a bit of a warm up but who knows?  Guess I’m just hoping for some sight fishing so I can go out on my own.  We’ll see!

Good friend and shop customer Jim Babcock wrote this little poem last week. If you know Jim he has a way with words and a sense of humor.

” Christmas at Wishes & Fishes ”

T’was the Christmas shopping season
and in a quiet Bull Shoals,
if any creatures were stirring
they were wearing felt soles.

The lights were still burning at good ‘ol Jimmy T’s
for he was helping fill orders
for hooks…beads…and fishing dvd’s.

Long rods were hung in round tubes with great care,
and fly reel cases were stacked from floor to mid-air.

Those who booked Jimmy guided trips
for ‘bows and White River browns
all left with big grins,
never a frown.

Tyers too can expect to be treated just right,
from dubbing…to vises…and krystal flash, holiday bright.

So put up those fir trees
and cover them with lights,
but if you don’t shop with J.T.
Santa says it just wouldn’t be right.

And before we forget the real meaning of it all,
we are so thankful and blessed just to say we know ya’ll .

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year

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