Pretty Days- Pretty Fish

Phil brought his son Cy (10) and his sister  Stacy up to the White River to fish over the holiday weekend like they do pretty much every year.  Cy is quite the fisherman who doesn’t miss fish and who has some pretty good eye site as well and can spot the fish which he did with this fish on Saturday.  We started out our trip with 25 degree temps but it warmed up pretty fast.  The C.O.E. shut the water off for us at to and by noon we were sight fishing to brown trout with drastic plastic Alaska style and with unreal eggs getting bows on almost every cast.  The brown trout were a bit spooky and the takes quick but a 10 year old had the quickness do get the job done.

Here is Cy above with one heck of a grin.  Man can this kid fish.

Cy releasing his fish and Aunt Stacy thanking her fish for the fun it provided.

Thursday and friday were a couple of days with no generation but heavy winds on thursday ( steady 35 with 45 mph gust) made it pretty tough.  Saturday turned out to be a beautiful day and the sun screen came out.  Today Sunday is looking to be just as pretty.

I would anticipate some low or no flows between now and new years day just because it’s a holiday time.  Looks like January is gonna shape up to be a big fish month especially with some low or now flows.  Pick a day that looks good weather wise and gives us a call to book your fishing adventure today.

Merry Christmas.

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