Opening Day At the Dam

Quite the turn out for opening day at the dam this year.  Lots of folks showed and quite the crowd.  My buddy Matt Tucker and some buddies from St. Louis and I cooked breakfast for about 30 folks in 12 degree temps.  We got started about 6:30.


We had three cookers with sausage, bacon, eggs and gravy going.  Heck we even had a fire to stay warm by which of course drew quite the crowd.  Here are a few pictures.

Blue Berry Pancakes

Pancakes & Beer

It was cold for sure.

The Crowd

After breakfast everyone went off to fish.  Lots of drift boats and one of Tuckers crew did hook and land a 26 inch brown trout on a streamer.

Later that night Tucker and the St. Louis Crew put on an evening shindig BBQ with wings and brats.  About 40 folks (fishers) showed up.  Folks who havn’t seen each other in a while got to catch up and tell fish stories.  A great day and a fabulous weekend for all.

I know the guy below was with us as well.

Charlie we miss you and think of you often.



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