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New Forceps. See flyshop page


HeeManCuts.  Yep! These forceps are popular if you have big hands and fingers .  Easy to use with gloves on as well and easy to see with the orange handles.  You’ve seen these online and in the fly shops for $14.99 and Hogskin Creek now has them in stock at our shop in Bull Shoals as well as our online store.  Surgical stainless steel with an impressive set of cutters that will also smash down a barb in a hurry.  Easy to use and easy to see with the bright orange easy grip handles..  Order yours today!!!!  Limited supply. for a limited time for $12.00 bucks.

This pair of forceps above is made of tungsten carbide and they are tough enough to smash down BIG salt water barbs and BIG bass hooks as well as delicate trout hooks. Even nickel black hooks will succumb easily to this pair of forceps which also has side cutters that will easily take care of 20 lb tippet all the way down to 12X tippet including fluorocarbon and braided type lines. They will cut just about any type of line including wire.  Locking forceps with smooth upper jaws   so as not to tear up up your most delicate size 22 thread midges.  Smash your barbs with confidence.  This pair of forceps sells at the big box stores and in fly shops from $24.95   They are not cheap and I’m sure you have seen them before.  Get your pair now for just $19.95

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New iPhone and Android App from the Corps of Engineers

Type into the search USAE Little Rock and down load the latest App to help you keep up with generation on all of the waters in the SWPA areas.

Find the latest Corps of Engineers’ lake levels, releases and forecasts needed to enjoy a day of fishing, boating and recreation in the Little Rock District. Industry shippers, anglers, boaters and paddlers now have the latest stage and flow rates for their favorite rivers and creeks on a smart phone or tablet.Use the SWPA icon to view hydropower generation schedules for the next day or the USGS icon to view stream gage forecasts.

The caddis hatch heats up in the afternoons especially when the sun comes out.  Further down stream from Wildcat Shoals down this hatch is heavier but is slowly moving upstream.  I did fish the state park yeasterday after 3:00 PM and did see several caddis with a few takes off the surface.  Reports fro downstream affirm that takes on the surface at this time are better down stream where the hatches are heaviest.  Look for the caddis throughout the month of April with sulphers starting to come on strong as we enter may. Make sure you have some PT’s with you as april comes to an end.  If you need some we are loaded up with them in the shop.  Looking for a 20 inch or bigger fish this spring?  Learn to target, hook, play and land these bigger and better brown trout on low water.  Fishing with Wishes & Fishes guides and Jimmy T. will get you into these fish on low or no flow situations.  Call for more information and to set up this exciting fishing adventure by calling 870-404-8906  Check out last April through August 2012 photo gallery for proof.  Morning of 10 brown trout or more are not uncommon while wading and our best morning last year was 30 brown trout in 5 hours with 2 over 24 inches and 15 over 20 inches.  We do it every year.  Our fly shop has 4 very qualified guides than can do this.

Call 870-404-8906

Good Fishing

Jimmy T.



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