Sept 5 Saturday

Generation is scheduled through this coming Tuesday with todays generation under a unit. Overnight we’ve had 1/2 an inch Of rain as of midnight at the Dam. The temp in Bull Shoals at this time is 65.3f with highs expected to reach 77f. The lake level was at 655.45 and the lake temp is at 77f.

Don’t forget to drop by the shop if you are in the area to take advantage of the tungsten bead Blow Out sale as all of our 25 pak beads are on sale for $3.00 a package.
colored beads
reg beads

Fishing reports from those dropping by the shop were of excellent fishing on hoppers with an orange underbelly, and small midges in the state park. At the dam Gonzo midges in 20’s and 22’s were doing the trick. A new shipment of Gonzo midges is on the way and will be here for next weekend. The Gonzo signature flies have been popular as of late and as any one who has seen Dr. G fish at the dam can attest to he pretty much always has a fish on. We do have a some left so drop by and pick some up on your way to the dam. They are only $1.85 each and hold up well. Gonzo ties each and every one personally. We also have Davy Wotton flies at the same price. If you’r mulling around the idea of fishing the White River this fall give me a call 870-404-8906 and book your trip with one of the few seasoned guides who knows every nook & cranny of the river and how to fish it.

Good fishing

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