Generation Gets Heavier-Reel Recovery Clays For Cancer~Henrys Report

Generation has become heavier with up to 6 units of water the past week.  The mornings have also started out heavier with a two and three units during the night.  Heavier generation is ramping up by 6:00 AM.  Sow Bugs in tan and grey fished as a two fly rig under either small eggs or san juan worms.  If you find yourself on the 3 to 4 unit rise hoppers are drawing up some pretty good brown trout.

HENRY’s Wading and Walking Report

As we closed down summer and opened up the school year, we were bombarded with young people getting in their last opportunity to fish Dry Run Creek.  Our granddaughter was no exception (3 trips in one week), she would have gone every day if grandma would have let her.

This young lady is 7 years old and has had her own bamboo fly rod for 3 years, a 6′ 5″ 6 wt that is just perfect for Dry Run.  Even though we hear day after day about how the hot flies are worms, eggs and sowbugs, I have found that midges and sowbugs are the trout catchiest flies I have ever had a child use on the creek.  I have several kids come to me every trip  and beg to use midges because they do so well with them and they are so easy to use.  Isn’t it amazing that the simplest flies to tie catch the most fish and the most difficult flies to tie catch the most fishermen.  I have had guides tell me that midges are too technical for clients to use (their clients are adults by the way)  but the kids (15 and under) are able to master them in 15 minutes.

I was able to get in a few weeks of wade fishing before the higher powers decided it’s time to quit holding back the water and turn her loose.   My last two trips out on the White in the area known as roundhouse, the action has been the best I have seen it in quite some time.  The back-eddied waters just below the riffles produce some of the best fishing and they are tearing the dickens out of PT midges, Rainbow Warriors and Rubber band midges.

I realize a lot has been said about hopper time and that is correct but almost any day, any time is midgeing time, you don’t have to wait for a hatch or a wind to blow the insects to you.  If you get into a slow water area you might be astounded how much action the “F” fly will produce, in fact if you enjoy top water fishing this fly could end up being your # 1 go to top water.  It seems to be in Europe, which is where I learned about it 8 years ago.

Should you show up during a time the dam is opened up, you might consider a boat, or Crooked Creek or the North Fork River in Missouri (only 27 miles away).  Ask Jimmy T he will always shoot straight with you and if your looking for a guide there is non better.

Life is good in Ozarks.

This from the Director of the Missouri Reel Recovery Program.

There is less than a month until our 4th annual Clays for Cancer event being held September 21, 2013 at Ozark Shooters Sports Complex in Walnut Shade MO. If you have already registered thank you! This is a fun event that directly effects men with cancer here in the Ozarks.

The deadline and registration numbers to receive free shotgun shells and T-shirts has past, but you can still register and help us help men in Missouri and the surrounding states by shooting at the event. We will accept registrations up through the morning of the shoot, however, pre-registration is preferred. This streamlines the morning’s operations and gets you out on the clay field sooner. Remember, you can now also pay securely online via credit or debit card. Information and online registration can be found at:
You may register as an individual or as a full squad (5 shooters), Those registering as an individual will be placed together with other shooters to form a full squad. All scoring is individual except for those registering for the Fire, Police, EMS and Shriners Shootout Challenges. So, contact some friends and come on out to shoot and have fun for a good cause.

Please contact me if you have any questions.
Be Well! Fish On!
Dave Caravella
Missouri Coordinator

Stay Fishy

Call 870-404-8906 to book your fall fishing for Sept-Oct-Nov…..

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