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Magnum Fly Box
Magnum Fly Box

The lake is dropping at about 6 inches every 24 hours and should be at the NEW normal pool elevation of 661.00 in about a week if generation continues as it has been with 13,000 to 15,000 CFS generation that we have been seeing.  San Juan worms along with various types of tungsten bead head midges such as white tail midges, blood midges and ruby midges.  Cicadas are also still working a bit with some work close to the banks.

Fly Shop News and New Products

The fly boxes you see above are new from WAPSI and we have a few in stock.  As you can see they are BIG and are available at our web shop at or drop my the shop and pick up a few for $24.00 each.  Spirit River UV products are in the shop and selling well.  The Fine and Dry dubbing as well as the Scud/Shrimp dubbing are very popular on the re-vamped and much easier to use web shop.  Click on the link above and take a look.  We also added some hackle which is still trickling in.  A new shipment of Tungsten Beads is on the way and should be here on the 11th so those of you waiting and wanting the cyclops 7/64 gold brass beads will be happy-happy-happy.  We are also loading up on Tiemco hooks with a shipment arriving every month for the next three months.

Henry’s Wading and Walking Report

Anglers have varying degrees of what wading is.  Some will consider getting their feet wet while walking is wading, others; if not up to my wader tops I’m not wading.  This is what makes life interesting?

Some things you might want to consider now that we are enjoying minimum flow, top of the waders may be a little too high and waist high may be a little high with a strong flow going.  Perhaps if we became a little more aware of what is going on and became a little more observant might be a better solution.  Most folks have head the expression KISS (keep it simple stupid) we might want to add SL&L (stop look and listen).

Stopping at the edge of the water and observing what is under the surface, heaven forbid a trout is lying there in wait,  Look at the underwater structure, will it hold fish, does it have the property’s trout are looking for to give food and protection, listen for the slurping and splashing of trout eating.  Do we need to get into the water at all?  But but but you say I need the room for casting, maybe, but what about roll casting and it is normally done somewhat quieter on splash down.  Some of you will think, but I really need to fling my fly back and forth through the air 7 or 8 times to warn the trout I’m coming after them, roll casting defeats that.

During high tide so to speak, I have had some of my most productive days and largest fish caught and didn’t even get my feet wet.  This can be done quite easily when fishing Wildcat, 3 shoots, Roundhouse and Rim Shoals.  I have seen trout up to 28″ pulled out of the water at Rim by fly fisherman just standing on the bank.

Some of my favorite flies under these conditions are  Woolly Buggers, San Juan Worms, egg patterns, rubber band midges, rainbow warrior, pheasant tail midges and the list goes on and on.  During high water fish seem to gravitate closer to the bank, therefore rather than me having to go after them, they come to me.  What a deal!

If new to the area, the Bull Shoals Tailwaters is too much water to fish in one day.  Take a few days and hire a guide for the first day to introduce you to this beautiful river and look for a few spots you would like to return to  and wade.  You might call 870-445-3848 for suggestions.  Remember size 20″ trout on a size 20 hook, there are plenty to be had on the White.

Life is good in the Ozarks


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