Flow Chart~Generation Change~Terrestrials

This morning I pulled up one of the flow charts to check what was going on with the water flows and to see how much the lake level had dropped.  I saw this added to the flow chart.

Looking at this chart it appears to me that the lake levels at Bull Shoals Lake  will be seasonal.  Starting this month is appears that the lake level will be dropped from 661 down to the “normal” or what we always had as a normal pool elevation of 659 will be maintained through April 30 when it will be raised through the month of may to 662.  From the middle of may through to the middle of July it will be lowered back down to 661 and maintained through Sept 30 again.

Here is what I’m thinking and could be wrong of course but it looks to me that we will be seeing our old low water flows from October through April instead of the new minimum flows that we have been seeing.  I guess we need to go through a cycle or two to find out.  Time will tell.

Did some fishing yesterday morning on about 1900 CFS.  Yesterday was the first morning in awhile that we’ve seen that little bit of generation.  It did come up later in the day but this flow was magic for the hoppers “Fat Alberts” that we were throwing.  One brown seen below and lots of bows.

Donnie H. from Bull Shoals


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Stay Fishy

Jimmy T.

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