As you can see from the title above this is pretty much what is being used at the dam.  Sometimes with the hoppers a midge dropper is a good choice and sometimes using two terrestrials is a better choice.  Various shad flies either on the surface or fished suspended or on the bottom can also work.  The trick is to figure out what these picky eaters want at any given time.  Working the fluctuating water by catching it as it is coming up also seems to be key to getting the surface action going.  The past few days the shad flies on top have not worked very well but that does not mean it won’t work the next day.  If not on top then I am suspending them or fishing them on the bottom.  Dropping a midge or two from larger hopper can also be productive.  When the water drops and the fishing slows I will make the short run down to the State Park or into Newlands and bang away on some stockers for a bit and then run back upstream.

Here is some information from Henry:

Army Corps of Engineers, Little Rock District will repair Table Rock Powerhouse 4 November requiring Lake Taneycomo to be lowered. Powerhouse Dam will begin Hydropower release 28 Oct to slowly draw down Taneycomo from 701 to 696.5. 4 Nov will maintain Taneycomo @ elevation 696.5. At completion of repair lake will rise back to normal pool elevation.

This will affect the upper end of Bull Shoals lake. You might expect low water below Table
Rock for however long it takes the Corps to repair damages. For more information call 501)340-1950.
Thanks to Scott Branyan for supplying this information.

Life is Good in the Ozarks.





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