Happy New Year~Henrys’ Report~Lake Levels and Temps~Tungsten Beads


2013 is going out more like a lion than a lamb, weather is taking it’s effect on water conditions because of heavy rains, snow and ice up north causing the Corp to run Bull Shoals dam at 6 – 7 generators and Norfork dam at 2. Good for the boaters maybe not so much for the waders?

So where are the boaters fishing and what fly are they using………tossing streamers toward the shore, maybe there is a lesson to be learned here? Christmas morning walking the bank at Rim Shoals using points that jutted out into the river that were shallow enough to wade, I was able to pick up a few bow’s on rubber legged Woolly Buggers and rubber band midges casting back toward the shore . Going to Quarry Park at North Fork using the boat ramp as a diversion for the fast water was able to wade out into some shallows and did well on rubber legged Woolly Buggers and sowbugs.

My highlight of the holidays was the visit of our 7 year old granddaughter who lives in Iowa. She began her fly fishing at the age of 4, by 6 she had her own bamboo fly rod and tying flies. This year for Christmas she received a pair of waders and couldn’t wait to get to Dry Run Creek. Day 1 on Dry Run was a lot of smaller trout caught using egg patterns, sowbugs and midges with zebra midges taking top honors. Day 2 same place different results, 2 fish caught on a zebra and lost count of the number of fish caught on eggs, largest trout, 17″ she landed on a rubber legged Woolly Bugger, a larger one parted the 5X tippet on a high leap to freedom also on the bugger.

# 16 rubber band, 2 1/2″ X 1/16″
# 14 or 16 scud hook
black tungsten bead
black #6 thread
small gold or copper wire

Cut rubber band in half, cut end on band at an angle to make a point, slide bead onto hook, wrap thread to hook point, tie in wire and tie rubber band point unto hook (the band point keeps a big hump from occurring) wrap thread back to head, stretch rubber band and while holding the band stretched wrap up the hook to bead and secure with thread. Wrap wire up the band using the rib in the band as the placement for the wire. Tie off and coat the band with hardener.

This is one of my favorite midges in riffles in Spring and Fall.

Life is good in the Ozarks ………. Happy New Year

Bull Shoals lake level is at 659.74 and has been very slowly dropping over the past week.  Generation is much heavier with 10,000 to 15,000 CFS which is good streamer water for those with the patience and the arm to cast all day long.  I have been keeping an eye open and checking every day for any shad that might be coming through the dam.  One way to tell if you can’t actually see one or get a picture of one is to keep an eye on what the gulls are doing. I got this picture below on the 29th of December.  Earlier in the morning there wasn’t much going on but I did go back later in the day to find 50 or so gulls diving into the water and picking up some tasty morsels I am assuming to be shad.  This has been going on for about a week.

This morning I checked the lake temp which was at 46f and has dropped from 49f over the past few days.  We do have another cold front heading in so that may help to drop it again.  Generally a temp below 42f is a good sign that a shad kill could happen. Of course some good heavy generation is also a must.  We have not seen a good shad kill in about 6 years or so.  Our trout would love one for sure.  I also spoke with another fly shop owner over in Norfork who also said he has seen gulls diving and reports that fishing with white patterns has been productive.  Our shop is in the process of beefing up various shad patterns just in case we get a decent shad kill this year.  Looks like the sun-moon-stars could actually line up this winter.  Time will tell.  Stay tuned to this station for more information.

TUNGSTEN BEADS:  Beads are now fully back in stock.  The regular cyclops tungsten beads as well as the slotted beads and the cyclops beads made from brass.  Check out http://theflyfishing-store.com where you can order your winter fly tying materials or feel free to give us a shout at the shop at 870-445-3848 Tuesday through Saturday 8 am till 4 pm through the month of January.

To book a fishing trip with us call Jim at 870-404-8906

Jimmy T.

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  1. Good to see the young ones doing this. We need them to keep things going after we are gone. A youngster using a Bamboo Rod is not often seen.
    Thanks for posting the photos.

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