Henrys Wading Report

The other evening talking with a friend who is a devoted bass fisherman, he remarked that as many new lures, gadgets and whatever has been developed since the late 50’s, that the most bass are still caught on the simplest of lures, plastic worms, grubs and jigs.  He went on to say with the thousands of flies that are on the market it must really be a nightmare to come up with the right fly at the right time.

I said not really that it is only as complicated as fly fishermen want to make it.  That like bass fishing there are a few flies that seem to  constantly catch fish.  Flies such as Woolly Bugger and Clouser type, midges, SJ worms, sowbugs/scuds, pheasant tails and hares ear styled flies. 

He then said isn’t it strange the simpler the better and I had to agree.

For the past month and a half we have enjoyed off and on (more off than on) wading opportunities .  The opportunities we have had however have been some of the best fishing I have enjoyed in years.  And as my friend said the simpler the more successful.

On the White River the area known as the Narrows  has been a good producer while the spawning area up river has been closed.  Now with the Browns finished with their spawning the State Park has become the hot bed and especially with the shad kill going on at this time.

An amigo I fish with often and myself  have tried many flies as of late, streamers, eggs, worms and soft hackles but our most consistent producer has been midges in sizes #16 – #20.  The constant producers have continued to be Zebra, Pheasant Tail and Brassies.  The # 1 fly trip after trip has been the pheasant tail that goes by the name of Frenchie.

If your a midge angler, and you have to be if you fish tailwaters, and don’t have one in your fly box you need to ad this one.   Here is the recipe.  


Hook:  Tiemco #2487 or #3671  size #16 – #20
Thread:  Fluorescent orange  6/0 or 8/0,  
Bead:  Tungsten copper or gold
Tail:  none
Body:  Pheasant tail fibers 4 – 6 fibers depends on hook size
Rib:  Copper wire – small or BR
Hot Spot:  Orange or pink UV ice dub tie in at thorax behind the bead.

This simple fly hopefully will also become your largest producer as it has for me.

If you want to get in on the fast and furious action during the shad kill, I strongly suggest you call Wishes and Fishes for information regarding a guide trip or what flies seem to be working best.  Jimmy T. can be reached at 870-445-3848

The weather man is saying we can look forward to temps in the 70’s next week, the time to be here is now.



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