Sow Bug Round Up~Fishing Report

Joe Nicklo Photo

This photo above is from Joe Nicklo who is here in town to tie for the Sow Bug Round Up in Mountain Home which started yesterday.  Joe has a unique system to tie flies using hot melt glue.  This stone fly below caught my eye at his table.  The legs are pheasant tails that are coated in the hot melt glue.

Joe Nicklo Stone Fly

Check out some more pictures of Joe’s patterns here and if you are in Mountain Home drop by the Sow Bug at the county fair and take a look at his tying abilities.  Joe also has some of his patterns with Rainey’s Flies.

Fishing Report:  Over the past couple of days most of the reports that I am hearing are not so good.  Low numbers of fish being caught and no reports of any big fish at all.  The caddis hatch will start up if we get a few nice sunny days to warm things up.  Looks like one last blast of nasty weather is in the forecast for us this coming Saturday or Sunday with some “wintery mix” and the possibility of some snow.  Oh Well!  It will soon all pass over just as we will today as spring has begun.  I did get one report from a buddy who is doing a trip for me for a couple of Gents from the Dallas area.  Bill S. and Jim K. from the Dallas club who fished the dam with the floating shad in the morning and the quasimoto in the afternoon in the State Park.  Will have some with me at the Sow Bug as well as at the shop.

Good Fishing

Jimmy T.

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