Tungsten Beads~Sulphurs

Tungsten Beads

Tungsten beads are back in stock and ready to ship.  Check out our web shop at http://theflyfishing-store.com to order online or call the shop 870-445-3848 to order via telephone.  No tax if shipped outside of Arkansas and the shipping is only $3.50  The Greys swing leaf  fly boxes are also back in stock.  $8.50 and is also included in the $3.50 shipping program.


Sulphurs continue to hatch on the upper end of the river with wadeable water during the weekends and early mornings.  PT’s dry’s as well as prince nymphs are working.

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  1. This past Saturday at the Narrows many Rainbows in 4-6′ water sipping something off the top.
    Threw midges tan,olive with red wire and did fair(15-20 fish) wouldn’t take any offerings on top water. caught dark/black caddis hatching and matched that perfectly to no avail. tried other color midges and scuds with very little success.
    Any thoughts of what would of slayed them?? Thanks.

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