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Spring 2015 will be a great year to fish the White River in North Central Arkansas.  The catch and release area by the dam opens up on February 1st.  The fish in this area will have had a 3 month break from fisherman which means they have not seen any flies for 90 days.  Be amongst the first to fish this area this coming year.  March and April is big fish time on the White River as the caddis hatch starts to heat up.  Our fish are done spawning and they are hungry and will be on the look out for scrumptious little meals of caddis.  May and June are months for steady warmer weather with cool evenings through the middle of the month of June.  It’s a great time to be in the Arkansas Ozarks and it is also when we begin to see our sulphur hatches.  This hatch can be a lot of fun with some steady surface action.  July, August and September is terrestrial time on the White.  Yep! Hoppers and Ants are where the fun is at this time of year.  Each take could be a big brown trout on the White River with explosive takes that get the adrenaline flowing.  This is the time of year we use heavier leaders and tippet to get these fish into the net.  October is a busy month on the White river as our cool nights once again start about mid September and continue through October.  Book early for this month and into November.

Starting in 2015 I will have a new platform to take you fishing in.  I will have a NEW Xtream boat with a jet motor this year.  Yes!!!!  Minimum flow is perfect for jet boats so be assured we can get anywhere we want this coming year.

Get started early.  Call 870-404-8906  Don’t know how to fly fish but want to learn?  We supply all the equipment.  Rod, reel, flies, terminal tackle and the knowledge to get you on the water and hooking fish right away.  All you need to supply is the will to learn, fishing license, proper clothing and a smile.

Book early by calling 870-404-8906

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