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This past weekend my buddy and I fished one of our favorite stretches of Bull Shoals Tailwaters, Rim Shoals catch and release area and am I glad we did. The fishing was off the charts, 2 days of unbelievable fishing like it use to be 7 or 8 years ago. Big fish and lots of them.

Was able to wade areas we have not waded since minimum flow started and a great time was had. To each his own, I tied on a #20 PT midge (pheasant tail) and for over 2 hours had non-stop action with fish up to 18″, my buddy fishing a little above me looked as though he had a permanent bend in his rod as he fed them #12 woolly buggers and # 16 rainbow warriors and landed browns up to 22″.

After 2 hours I decided to try other midges just for the heck of it and would you believe the same results continued with the RS Zebra midge I developed while at Rim Shoals. Other midges that continued to bring the fish in was the HE midge (hares ear), #14 RS sowscud, which is my most productive sowbug on both the Bull Shoals and Norfork Tailwaters as well as the North Fork in Missouri. At the end of 4 – 4 1/2 hours we each had hooked into 40 fish or better.

The following day was windy and somewhat cooler but for the #12 un-weighted woolly buggers it was another day of constant action.

Some good information you need to keep in mind comes from Gary Flippin, Gary and wife Paula are the owners of Rim Shoals Resort as well as Flips Treasures in Cotter. Gary says one unit generating is great wading, two units is good, three stay close to the bank, use the trail or better yet use Rim Shoals taxi service. Four or more units running very limited wading suggest renting a boat, hire a guide, fish Crooked creek, Spring river or Norfork Tailwaters.



With this latest cold front moving through and bringing us some snow generation at the dam is a bit more continuous throughout the morning with up to 6 units.  This should last through the week until we get another warm up.  On levels 5,000 cfs and above fish are taking floating shad flies on top as well as submerged and suspended shad flies.  Eggs in peach, golden nugget and steelhead orange are also bringing fish to the boat.

Over the past couple of years we’ve been asked at the shop if we would carry cortland fly lines.  Last week we received our first shipment of cortland 444 WF and DT fly lines.  Tungsten beads are getting thinned out in some colors and sizes and in others we are completely out.  Check our http://theflyfishing-store.com website for inventory levels.  I am due a small order of beads which should take care of the gold and nickel 2.0mm beads and also have another order which should hit us in a month.  If you have any questions give the shop a call at 870-445-3848,

Give Jim a call at 870-404-8906 and book your fishing adventure today.




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