Conclave Weekend & Fishing Report

Conclave has come and gone again and it’s success was due mostly to the folks of the Free State Fly Fishers from Lawrence Kansas. Kurt Moomau as the conclave chair set out to change a few things and spice up and spruce up the conclave which was slowly rotting away. Kurt and the Freestaters managed to bring back some of the old vendors and some new vendors as well as the attendance and the dollars for the southern council. Kudos to those folks.

As for my weekend thursday was spent shuttling around Mark Sedotti from New York to a couple of classes he was giving and helping out some of the vendors set up.

Friday was spent fishing with two great guys from the St. Louis area…Dave and Ed.
Dave did hook and land this brown trout on a dry fly. It wasn’t our best fish of the day which was a rainbow trout but we forgot to take a pic of it.

Saturday was also spent with two different gents 😉 from St. Louis. Malcomb and Ted. We fished down at Rim Shoals targeting and sight fishing to a number of brown trout in the 24 + inch range but failed to get them to bite.

Sunday was spent fishing some of the folks from Lawrence Kansas. Members of the Free State Fly Fishers.
Pictured from the top are Mike, Jeff & Craig who I fished with in the afternoon.

The morning was spent fishing with Steve and Lucas also of Lawrence and Free Staters.
Here is the fish Lucas caught.
Today Monday was a tough day from Wildacat shoals to partee with most of the fish landed on a Wapsi tan colored SJ Worm and a Midge.

The fish are almost ready to spawn in some areas and some ot the rainbows are sweeping redds and pairing up. The brown trout are mostly holed up at the bottom of the shoals with a few waiting for a male to move in and build a redd. This action will heat up as the month of October moves forward and into the rest of the year and January as well.

Good Fishing

Jim Traylor.

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