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Caddis, Caddis and more Caddis.  It took a long tome for it to happen but the caddis finally began showing up in May.  Normally we see them late March and last year saw tim show up in April.  However when they do the fishing and catching really pick up on the White River.  Ahhhh! your thinking?  Dry fly action!  Yes we did get into some of that but the real action is in the nymphs. It’s the time the brown trout take these flies for sure. The young man you see above even managed to get in a 26 inch rainbow but alas due to digital lack of knowledge the other guy in the boat (dad) did not know how to use an iPhone. (he had a flip thingy).  Does not matter though as the young man and his father have the memory.  At this time we are fishing pretty much 3 sections of the river and covering about 9 miles.  Caddis nymph with a dropper under a smaller palss or a bit larger Lightning Strike Indicator from WAPSI.  We are using the orange ones so this guide can see them.  The numbers of fish are good in the 40 to 60 count range before lunch.  It’s also getting pretty hot and humid now but a bit cooler on the river.  The afternoons are slowing down like they usually do in the summer months.


Cortland line company has authorized us as a warehouse clearance center.  At this time there are only two of these.  One in Canada and Wishes & Fishes in Arkansas.  I will be putting together a list of most of the items with descriptions and prices.  There are already some items up on our web shop at and I encourage you to check it out.  Lots of flyline, some reels, tippet and leader.  More pallets will be arriving in a week or two.  If you are in the area it would be worth your while to drop by and cheek out the cortland products we have.

Henry’s Wading Report:

Last week (17th – 21st) my kids and my brother and his brood arrived here for their annual 3 day fishing pilgrimage.

As luck would have it we fished in rain every day. Also as luck would have it we caught a lot fish.

My brothers crew does not fly fish and mine do. Therefore my brother and his sons and grandchildren would head for the Bull Shoals Tailwaters every morning, Rim Shoals to be exact and me and my three would go to the Norfork Tailwaters.

Day one for my bro was floating from Cotter to Rim Shoals using spinning tackle, results 90 plus bows and browns caught and released on black, brown and crawdad colored jigs. This was repeated all 3 days.

On the Norfork 2 of my sons (not wanting to be outdone) tied on fly jigs and proceeded to catch 10 -11 fish an hour till the river would rise. Me I just used midges and did the netting.

Tuesday the 23rd. my angling buddy and I headed out to the narrows and had one of the best days we have had in several outings.

The day started off very foggy making it difficult to see anything. Still the fishing was good using Rainbow Warriors and Pheasant Tail midges.

When the fog lifted the conditions were not real good, we had shallow water, no wind, bright sun and very clear water.

The water I was fishing was 2-4 feet deep, moss covered with a little gravel.

Could see the fish moving and feeding under the surface and in the film. Thinking they might be feeding on midge pupa, tied on #22 Yong Special with no weight pinched on a small white palsa indicator about 30 inches above the fly and had a super hour and a half of fishing. Finally the time came to change flies so I went to a Pheasant Tail midge and ended the morning as one of the best mornings I have ever had.

When I met up for lunch with my buddy, he also said he enjoyed one of his best mornings using Rainbow Warriors and soft hackles.

Only one other vehicle ever showed up in the parking lot with one angler. Doesn’t happen too often that you get the narrows all to yourself.


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