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Another high water year for both lakes and it shows. Flood gates for both rivers and the Norfork has changed again. Last year with a jet boat could go around and past Colonals Corner and back up again but it is no more. Perhaps a good sign for the wade, float tube and kayak fisherman in the coming years. Perhaps this latest high water event will keep a lot of pressure off the downstream side of this area from long hole down into McLlellans. Perhaps it will be better for the fish as well. Less pressure, fewer bait guides pulling them out of those areas ect. Time will tell. NOw if only the sulphur smell would leave.

As for the White River this years pressure on the the water below Bull Shoals Dam has been tremendous. As we all know fewer fish have also been put into the river by AG&F and it shows. Water quality on both rivers has been down and bad this fall and it shows. Its not good when we hear negative vibes from fishers in our businesses, lodging and on the rivers. But we have been here before. A normal water flow year would be nice for all involved in fly fishing. Some new regulations will go into effect and perhaps the Rim Shoals C & R area will be increased. I am not hearing quite as much bitching from the gear guides about this that I heard last go around in 2000 which is a good sign. Personally I would have liked to have seen night time guiding go away and along with the possession limit. This river has become to be known as a world class fishing hot spot. We seem to be doing everything we can to turn it into a simple put and take. We make it harder for those who want to travel and wade fish (think minimium flow). Information from the dams has deteriorated over time and become less accurate. What else can we do to make it worse for those who want to come here and fish.

OK enough of that. Red, red, red and more red midges. Can’t get away from this color to catch fish. Especially midges. Our area has some very talented fly tiers as well as fishers. We have been seeing some very well tied and good looking flies from local fishers in the shop this fall. I have become very impressed with the skill level of our local tiers. Credit I think should go to the local NAFF club by bringing in the Sow Bug with internationally and nationally known tiers. Last month a young man was brought in and those who dropped by the shop learned much. Kudos to the NAFF and the program they are running over there for those who live around here and who travel here to see those events. The skill level shows in both the tying and catching skill arena. Its good to see some younger speakers with a skill level larger than being able to throw a chicken up against the bank and strip it back as fast as one can. The delicate casting, mending in air mending, roll casting, snap casting and rigging have all improved. In the 22 years I have been on this river I’ve seen a lot of changes and the biggest change is in the skill level of those who live here. Those skills are being passed down to the younger ones by the fine job the NAFF has and is doing to pass along these skills to younger folks.

I would speak about the spawn but you all know what not and wha to do by now. The catching should get better as the water quality clears up this fall and through the winter. Cooler temps will for sure fix a lot of those water quality issues. At least we have not seen a huge fish kill this year as in year past when we had hundreds of 2- plus inch rainbows die at the dam. This is rare now for sure.

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