Thursday: Oct 1 2009:UPDATE 5:18 pm

Generation tomorrow is scheduled for no generation from 6:00 am till 11:00 am. Today generation began at 2:00 pm with one unit and at 3:00 pm 5 more for a total of 6 were turned on. The water came up X-TREMELY fast this afternoon. I stayed in front of the water and we continued to wade fish on low water.

As of 6:10 this morning generation is at 4 units and at 4:00 am there were 5200 CFS. The norfork is also generating. Was sure hoping for a no generation morning and that the C.O.E. and S.W.P.A. would cooperate with the organizers of the conclave. The schedule for the white is for 100 mega watts of power. Fishing should be good today and there is a front headed this way that could bring some more rain.

Good Fishing.

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