White River Fishing Report 10/18/09

Sand Bass Mary from Illinois caught this white bass or Sand Bass as we call them in Texas while fishing for trout. That same week we also caught a walleye in newlands hole by the River Cliff Dock. The fishing has been outstanding this past week even with the Yo-Yo effect or the up and down and up and down of generation. Speaking of which generation this past week as been at just under two units at a unit and three quarters with generation dropping down to one unit at noon time and ramping back up to 1 3/4 an hour or two later. D.O. at the dam has dropped somewhat which has slowed down the bite. My thanks to Mary and Ann from Illinois, Jeff and Doug from Texas and Mark and Terry from Michigan for fishing with me this past week.
The lake level at Bull Shoals is up due to all the rain we’ve had the past month and is at 665.83 about 12 feet above normal pool elevation of 654.00. It is just a matter of time before we will see some heavy generation on the white river. Flies I’ve been using are eggs in orange, various types of midges as well as the blow fly in white which was working very well earlier in the week but slowed down on thursday and friday. Our weather for the week looks good with highs Monday and tuesday in the mid 60’s and wednesday and thursday in the 70’s.

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